BlockCooperation.com is a cryptocurrency company. Our flagship service is the Litecoin.BlockCooperation.com mining pool, which charges no mining fee. We are based in a US datacenter with multiple internet connections, diesel backup generators, 24/7 on-site technicians, and all the infrastructure needed to maintain a reliable service.

No registration is required to mine Litecoin (LTC) with us. Instead, simply connect to our Stratum server using the information shown below and payment will be sent to the Litecoin address you use as your username.

Since the Litecoin.BlockCooperation.com mining pool is a P2Pool node, you are guaranteed fair payment for the shares you submit, as P2Pool miners are paid every time a Litecoin block is found by the pool for any confirmed shares they currently have in the P2Pool sharechain. The “Pay Per Last N Shares (PPLNS)” model is used to ensure fair payment. Furthermore, P2Pool is based on the same peer-2-peer model as Litecoin, making the system highly resistant to malicious attacks and avoiding the need to trust a central operator. Additionally, mining with us on P2Pool helps improve network security by preventing over-centralization of hashing power, which can lead to attacks such as the infamous “51% attack.” That’s right – you can avoid paying mining pool fees that other pools often charge, and help boost the security of Litecoin at the same time by mining with Litecoin.BlockCooperation.com.

Need to rent hashing power? Visit Mining Rig Rentals to rent scrypt mining rigs to use with our mining pool. Or, you can purchase an scrypt mining contract on eBay.

A step-by-step guide for Litecoin mining beginners can be seen on the beginners page. 


Stratum Litcoin server information:
Server: litecoin.blockcooperation.com
Port: 9327
Username: Your Litecoin Address
Password: Any password will work (many people use an x)

Example for Antminer or other ASIC miners:
Server: litecoin.blockcooperation.com
Port: 9327
Username: LdxkveF3qnEx8mce9ybAyFMDnfxC8FebBv
Password: x

Example for cgminer:
cgminer –scrypt -o stratum+tcp://litecoin.blockcooperation.com:9327 -u LdxkveF3qnEx8mce9ybAyFMDnfxC8FebBv -p x

Example for bfgminer:
bfgminer –scrypt -o stratum+tcp://litecoin.blockcooperation.com:9327 -u LdxkveF3qnEx8mce9ybAyFMDnfxC8FebBv -p x -S ALL

Example for CUDAminer:
cudaminer -o stratum+tcp://litecoin.blockcooperation.com:9327 -O LdxkveF3qnEx8mce9ybAyFMDnfxC8FebBv:x

Example for CPUminer:
minerd -a scrypt -u LdxkveF3qnEx8mce9ybAyFMDnfxC8FebBv+0.0001 -p x -t 2 -o stratum+tcp://litecoin.blockcooperation.com:9327
Note: The “+0.0001” appended to the user name sets reduced difficulty and is recommended for CPU miners. That value can be adjusted by the user as needed.